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29. Dezember 06

Dilo 1.1

Dilo 1.1 übersetzt nun nicht mehr nur beidseitig Deutsch-Englisch, Deutsch-Französisch und Deutsch-Spanisch, sondern auch Deutsch-Türkisch.

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28. Dezember 06

Growl 0.7.5

Growl 0.7.5: «Significantly improved performance when an application registers with Growl for the first time. Made the Spotlight importer universal. Now ships with Rawr-Jour. Improved GrowlMail to open the mail message if the Growl notification is clicked.»

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Screen Sieve 1.0.1

Screen Sieve 1.0.1: Fehlerbehebungen.

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Google Reader Notifier 0.85

Google Reader Notifier 0.85: «Subscription feature works better, even when verification is turned off. Ability to turn off tooltips».

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23. Dezember 06

Onyx 1.7.7 [Update]

Systempflege und -optimierungstool Onyx 1.7.6: «New OnyX icon in the Toolbar to close the panels. Removing all "Close" buttons. New Preferences panel with tabs and more info. Show/hide message before quitting applications (Preferences). Choosing account in the Preferences panel. New Maintenance panel with tabs. Commands improved in the Maintenance panel. Display the result of some maintenance commands executed.»
Update: Inzwischen wurde es 1.7.7: «Enable/disable a Desktop animated Background. New replacement icons. Startup Mode Option has been moved in the Login tab.»

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21. Dezember 06

BeComposed 1.5.1

BeComposed ist eine nette Quartz Composition, die sich über iVisualize in iTunes nutzen lässt. (Danke, Christoph!)

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«OmniGrowl is an expandable framework for sending Growl Notifications for applications that do not natively support Growl, generally which have to be polled for changes.» Derzeit werden z.B. anstehenden Termine, To-Dos und Geburtstage aus iCal (sowie Adressbuch) per Growl vorab angezeigt. Nicht getestet.

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20. Dezember 06

Screenshots von Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Build 9A321

28 Screenshots vom momentan aktuellsten 10.5-Build ohne wirklichen Neuigkeitswert bei Think Secret.

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Apple Retail Stores schlagen Tiffany&Co.

«But here’s a little-known fact: Apple’s chic stores don’t just sell more per square foot than even Best Buy, they beat some of the best in the luxury retail world silly, according to a report released Tuesday by Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi. Apple’s stores have hauled in annual sales per square foot of $4,032, compared with Best Buy’s $930, Neiman Marcus’ $611, and luxury store Tiffany & Co.’s $2,666, according to Bernstein.» Red Herring.

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Flock «Mozilla's patch for FireFox. Support for Blogger Beta. A stability upgrade in Flock's indexing code. A fix for displaying Flickr's favicon. Fix small picture DnD feature of photo bar. A fix for better cleanup of the image cache.»

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